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Inheritance Tax UK provides professional, precise advice for our clients and their future. We aim to help individuals like yourself, plan and make the most out of your assets and liabilities. IHT UK specialise in Inheritance Tax Planning

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Are you looking for an expert inheritance tax planning Adviser in London or the UK?

Our company has the expertise to help clients navigate the complexities of inheritance tax, enabling them to make the most of their assets. If you’re confused about inheritance tax, or you’d like to learn more about getting your affairs in order, our specialist service is here to help.

An introduction

Inheritance tax becomes due when you die. If you have an estate, your assets will become taxable, and the amount owed will be calculated based on the value of your non-exempt assets. Inheritance tax planning is a legal process which enables you to protect and shield your assets to lower bills in the event of your death.

You may assume that it’s relatively easy to shelter your assets by gifting them to loved ones, but this is not always the case. When you think about your assets, and gifting them to others, several questions arise.

  • You may not know which of your assets you’ll need or how long you’ll need them for, and nobody knows what the future holds.

Our company has the best advisors to answer questions and enable you to organise your assets without straying into grey areas or taking unnecessary risks. We have many years of experience in advising clients in London and across the country who wish to use legal processes to protect their estate, and we provide a tailored service for each individual.


Providing professional, precise advice for our clients and their future.

We specialise in assisting clients to mitigate inheritance tax legally and without touching the grey areas of tax avoidance and evasion. We have been offering this service for many years and we are more than experienced to help you in your decision-making process.

Inheritance Tax itself sounds daunting, however, we are here to ease the process for you.

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The benefits of our service

We often have clients come to us with a desire to eliminate issues for their children at the same time as protecting their own financial future. Often, there’s a dilemma between leaving your children as much as possible and leaving yourself with enough to get by comfortably. Inheritance tax planning can help you to enjoy peace of mind that your future is secure and that your children and any other beneficiaries won’t be faced with a minefield when you pass. Our advisors have the best knowledge and experience to identify effective solutions and make savings.

We operate in London and the rest of the UK, and we assure you that you’re in safe hands. Whether you have a substantial amount of cash or your assets lie in investments or property, we have an expert team on hand to help. Seeing a specialist company like us could help save you a significant amount of money.

Why choose us?

If you’re looking for the best inheritance tax planning company, look no further. We are different to other companies as we are experienced and driven, and we know about inheritance tax planning. We have an in-depth knowledge of many acceptable and legitimate processes that can be undertaken to help you and your family to make the most of your assets. Every client is in a unique position, and we adapt the way we work to provide services that work.

It can be a very complex and convoluted matter, but with our team in your corner, you will have nothing to worry about.

Call one of our specialist advisors today on London: 0207 183 8176 / freephone: 0800 093 4115 or email us at iht@inheritancetax-uk.com to find out more about our service and see how we compare against other companies.


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